3D pro multilayer zirconia block 98 open system

XANGTECH 3D zirconia block dental is a new multilayer full contour zirconia that can be used for all cases. It has 6 layers of nature shade transition.Its bending strength span is 900-1250Mpa and translucency span is 42%-46%.

product description


Product name 3D pro multilayer zirconia block
Translucence  43-49%
Flexural strength 650-1200Mpa
Sintering temperature 1530℃
color 21 colors
diameter 98mm

Advantages of 3D pro zirconia block:
1.Excellent material uniformity                                                                                                2.Good flexural strength 
3.Good material tenacity 
4.Medical-grade material
5.Excellent bionic strength and aesthetic transition, similar to real human teeth

 Detail images 

   Packing & Delivery 


Each block is packed by hard carton box,24 boxes is packed in a carton.
Lead time:3-5days
Shipping time:DHL/UPS/FedEx: 3-8 days,EMS: 3~15 days 

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