Dental lab material 98mm HT color A1 zirconia block

Dental 98mm HT color zirconia block with high quality, it can satisfy your any requirements.

The special raw materials processing and manufacturing technique have brought this materials brilliant translucency and flexural strength. The stable inner structure ensures accurate post-milling sealing even at high maching speed.DSC_0754_副本.jpg 

Name 98-14mm HT color A1 zirconia block
Size 98-14mm
Translucency (%) 41
Sintering temperature(℃) 1530
Flexural Strength (Mpa) 1250
Color A1

 DSC_0747_副本.jpg Advantages of 98mm HT color zirconia block:
1.Excellent material uniformity
2.Excellent flexural strength
3.Very good material tenacity
4.Medical-grade material
5.Suitable for molar and long bridge restoration

 DSC_0750_副本.jpg Indications of dental HT color zirconia block:
★Coping bridge 
★Full contour crown 
★Full contour crown bridge 
★Onlays and upper part of the implant

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