Dental consumable pmma block 16mm A2 with Amann Girrbach system

The Amann Girrbach system pmma block can be used safely with high quality. It is suitable for making fixed denture in clinical restorative dentistry.

Specification of Amann Girrbach System Pmma Block

Diameter : 89*71mm (+ 0.1)

Thickness (mm): 13, 16, 20, 14/18/25mm by customizatio

Hardness: 75-85° Shore

Melting point: 240-270℃ Color:16 colors, Pink(PinkA/PinkB/PinkC), Clear



1.Excellent abrasion resistance

2.Excellent finishing bright surface good polishing performance after milling

3.Excellent long-term shade stability and esthetics

4.Four layers of dental pmma blocks for best aesthetic restoration effect

5.Standard Vita 16 shade available

The dental Amann Girrbach system pmma block can be used for Denture Carving, Posterior teeth and Anterior teeth, and the AG pmma block has high quality, which is the better choice for you to make full mouth resin teeth.

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