amann multilayer zirconia block

3D multilayer zirconia blocks use special raw material processing and manufacturing technology, which has excellent translucency and bending strength.

Product description  

 amann (2).JPG
1,Excellent material uniformity
2,Good flexural strength
3,Good material tenacity
4,Medical-grade material
5, Excellent bionic strength and aesthetic transition, similar to real human teeth

Items 3D Multilayer SST
Flexural Strength (Mpa) 900-1250
Translucency (%) 43-46
Sintering temperature(℃) 1500
Sintered density(g/+cm3) 6.07
Average grain size(um) 0.4
Usage Bridge

Product Case   


Package   WWSEM)FH02}2P67OFV39F_8.png 

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