Dental C14 BL color monolayer cerec pmma block

Dental C14 BL cerec pmma block are suitable for fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges and for verifying the bridge on the plaster model/ in mouth before the finally ZrO2 milling process.

cerec pmma C14 BL 1000-1000 (1).jpgC14 BL cerec pmma block features:
1.Excellent abrasion resistance
2.Excellent finishing bright surface good polishing performance after milling
3.Excellent long-term shade stability and esthetics

 cerec pmma C14 BL 1000-1000 (2).jpg

Name C14 BL cerec pmma block
Size C14 18*15*13mm
Color BL
Elastic Modulus 100MP
Density 1.35-1.45g/cm3
Hardness 85-90(Shore hardness)
Component PMMA>99%;Toner<1%
Pacakge 5pcs/box


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