Amann girrbach ceramill therm 2 heating element

Ceramill therm heating element are usually used as furnace/oven heaters, working temperature from 600-1600C. It can be directly used in an air atmosphere without any protection atmosphere.

This dental ceramill therm heating elements is for Amann Girrbach denture furnace, designed to exceed the requirements of today's most demanding high temperature processes. With a porosity of less than half of conventional recrystallised silicon carbide heating elements. 

Features of ceramill therm 2 furnace heating elements
1 withstands as high as 1600°C
2 high strength and excellent shock resistance
3 heat source is free of noise and air pollution
4 anti-oxidization, anti- corrosion
5 easy to installation and maintenance

Spare parts of dental furnace ceramill therm heating elements    

Heater Type Furnace
Usage/Application Industrial Ovens
Compatible Power 3KW
Size Custom Build
Application Amann Girrbach denture furnace


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