Sirona cerec 3 glass ceramics milling bur

Dental cerec 3 milling burs are one of our competitive products. It has high hardness and excellent physical and chemical properties.


Technical parameters of cerec 3 milling bur

Model Name Cutting Diameter Cutting Length Shank Diameter Overall Length
Cylinder Point 1.5 9.32 1.8 23.5
Step 10 0.93 11.5 1.8 23.3
Step 12 0.97 13.2 1.8 25.2


Application of dental sirona cerec 3 milling bur:

CAD-CAM system Roland milling bur are designed to mill zirconia blocks, wax disc, PMMA disc, peek disc for dental use.

Coating diamond
Used for CAD CAM system milling machine Sirona cerec inlab
Coating/Type lithium disilicate-diamond coating for better result -milling Glass Ceramics/Lithium Disilicate/Hybrid Ceramic,15-25 units
-100% compatible with Sirona Cerec3 and Inlab Compact.

Characteristics of Diamond coating cerec 3 milling bur:

1. DLC/Rainbow coating milling tool can mill 120 to 150 units teeth.

2. DC coating milling tool can mill 300-500 units teeth.

3. All our burs are made by the optimal tungsten carbide material and stainless steel

4.100% compatible with VHF CADCAM systems

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