Dental material milling Co-Cr Alloy Block for CAD/CAM system

We are manufacturer of dental consumbles, we provide high purity dental Cr-Co milling blank, epecially designed for the use of CAD CAM milling systems.

Mechanical Properties of dental Co-Cr Alloy Block

proof strength of 0.2% non-proportional extension ≥500MPa
Elongation after fracture ≥2%
E-module ≥200GPa
Density 7.9±0.2g/cm3
Vickers hardness 270±27HV10
Corrosion resistance  <200ug/cm3
Solidus temperature 1350±50℃
Liquidus temperature (1410±50)℃
Thermal expansion coefficient(CET)(25-500℃) (14.5±0.5)x10-4 K-4
Metal-ceramic bond characteriztion >25MPa
Tensile strength (RM) ≥800 MPa


This industrially manufactured material ensures cosistent quality and is suitable for crowns and bridges in the anterior and posterior regions.

Any type of veneering ceramics which are suitable for Cr-co can be used. Sizes of Co-Cr milling block available for Round OD 98mm disks with or without step for height between 10mm and 25mm.

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