Dental consumable flexible acetal pmma block color clear

We offer high quality super translucent dental flexible acetal clear PMMA block designed for CAD/CAM milling machine and casting technology.

Dental consumable flexible acetal pmma block: Outstanding Translucency with dense structure. We provide high quality clear PMMA of round disks OD98mm ,thickness are available between 10mm and 25mm as request.

Usages of dental flexible acetal clear pmma block:
CAD/Cam-aided model making, prototyping, modeling, Polyurethane for modelling , dental model base.
Due to the colour and the fast mac hinability especially suitable as model base
Trouble-free scanning due to the opaque and little reflective surface Yucera PMMA blank provides a variety of compatible PMMA blank with Amann Girrbach, zirkonzahn M3/M5, and open cad/cam milling systems of 98mm.

Features of flexible acetal pmma block:
* Crystal clear surface with outstanding translucency
* Dense structure and low water absorption
* Burns out without a trace

Type Clear PMMA Block
Material Composite polymer
Flexible Strength >=85Mpa
Water absorption <40ug/mm3
Shrinkage rate <2.2%
Dissolving value < 7.5ug/mm3
Color Clear

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