Dental material ST A2 40-19-15mm sirona cerec zirconia block

Sirona System Cerec Zirconia Block, it is zirconia suitable for Sirona automatic cutting system,Our Sirona zirconia has high permeability and good strength. It can be processed into a single crown or a pontic.

Product Name ST A2 40-19-15mm cerec zirconia block
Color A2
Size 40-19-15mm
Strength 1200Mpa
Package 6pcs/box
Weight 0.46kg/box

Advantage of ST color cerec zirconia blocks:

-Partially stabilized with yttrium and enriched with aluminium. This results in positive material properties like a high flexural
strength of up to 1200 MPa, a high temperature resistance,
as well as a constant shrinking factor granting the highest possible


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