SST 3D Multilayer Dental Zirconia Blocks

1,In the two dimensions of aesthetics and physics, the characteristics of natural teeth are simulated, which is excessively natural.
2,High strength, good transparency, perfect combination of strength and transparency.
3,The strength changes from 600 Mpa in incisal to 900 Mpa in cervix.
4,The translucency changes from 46% at incisal, which guarantees a superior aesthetic level.
5,Pre-shaded color:16 color from A1-D4.White
6,The applicative system:open/98mm system;Zirkonzahn;Amann Girrbach System;Sirona system.

Product Description

3D SST 98*16 A3 multilayer zirconia block

We choose the best zirconia powder to form shapes. Isostatic pressing is the method of creating ceramic blocks from dry powder and applying uniform pressure from all directions. The process involves enclosing the powder into a deformable mold and collapsing the mold using a fluid medium to apply hydrostatic pressure. The main advantage of isostatic pressing is the uniform application of pressure, which leads to a very homogeneous density and shrinkage, yielding a very reproducible process. 

Items 3DMultilayer SST
Flexural Strength (Mpa) 900-1250
Translucency (%) 43-46
Sintering temperature(℃) 1500
Sintered density(g/+cm3) 6.07
Average grain size(um) 0.4
Size(mm) 98*16

Direction for use



★Coping bridge 

★Full contour bridge (≤5unit) ★Inlays 

★Onlays and upper part of the implant



1. Excellent material uniformity

2. Good flexural strength 

3.Good material tenacity 

4. Medical-grade material 

5. Excellent bionic strength and aesthetic transition, similar to real human teeth



Size Sheet
Open System 98mm Amann Girrbach System Zirkonzahn System
98*10mm 89*71*10mm 95*10mm
98*12mm 89*71*12mm 95*12mm
98*14mm 89*71*14mm 95*14mm
98*16mm 89*71*16mm 95*16mm
98*18mm 89*71*18mm 95*18mm
98*20mm 89*71*20mm 95*20mm
98*22mm 89*71*22mm 95*22mm
98*25mm 89*71*25mm 95*25mm

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One pcs Zirconia blanks just for one carton box.In this way Carton can protect the Zirconia blocks damage from the delivery and rough handling.Meanwhile,the soft plastic foam can make the zirconia edge can not broke


  Packing Detail:Each block is packed by hard carton box,24 boxes is packed in a carton.
Lead time:3-5days
Shipping time: DHL/UPS/FedEx: 3-8 days,EMS: 3~15 days
We will choose the most efficient and convenient express for you according to the situation of the order. You only need to take care of receiving the goods.


Company Introduction


Nanyang Liandong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

We are a professional manufacture for dedtal lab material and equipment



  Mainly produce: White zirconia block HT/ST/SSt/UT Pre-shaded zirconia block HT/ST Multilayer zirconia block SST-3D Multilayer zirconia block/UT-3D Multilayer zirconia block Lithium disilicate Pmma block3d scanner dental 
Zirconia sintering furnace
Porcelain furnace
Milling Burs、Lithium disilicate、Press ingots、Peek Block、Wax blank、Titanium block CrCO alloy blank、Stone Grinder.etc.    

Our company has a full range of certifications, workshops meeting production standards, and excellent staff and team, committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-standard products.


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