CAD/CAM dental teeth material 95mm pmma block for Zirkonzahn system

CAD/CAM dental 95mm pmma block for Zirkonzahn system is composed of acrylic resins with organically modified ceramics XANGTECH materials, making in gradient layers with natural look. The 95mm PMMA block is used in the milling technique of temporary crowns and bridges.

Applications of dental 95mm pmma block:

--Partial denture frameworks
--Provisional crowns and bridges
--Bite splints
--Cosmetic smile enhancers

Color A1,A2,A3,A3.5,A4, Clear, PINK,
Hardness 75-85degree
Melting point 240-270℃
Density 1.19
Tenacity Good
Machinability Great
Ash content  0.29%
Shrinking percentage 0.5%
Applications CAD/CAM milling system, temporary crowns, denture prosthetics


Features of 95mm Zirkonzahn pmma block:

--low moisture absorption and fatigue resistant
--no thermal conductivity
--reduce processing time by eliminating labor-intensive metal investing and casting process


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