Zirkonzahn DLC milling bur for zirconia blocks

Zirkonzahn DLC milling bur are used for zirconia blocks,can milling 200~250 units zirconia.

Product description 

Coating:DLC/Diamond coating

Head diameter:2.0/1.0/0.5mm

Shank diameter:3mm

Overall lenth:57mm 


1.Perfect surface, great milling time
2.Mill Zirconia block in Zirkonzahn M1/M5 System
3.DLC coating can mill 200-250 units zirconia
4.The accuracy of the milling bur is under 2 um

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Nanyang Liandong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. is a leading innovator、Manufacturer and Supplier. Sales and service of dental lab equipment and material、laboratory furnace and related spare parts!



Package  Packing Detail:Per zirkonzahn M5 milling bur packed by stable plastic box inside.

Shipping Packing Detail:zirkonzahn milling bur outside packed by hard carton.

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