XANGTECH Dental S51 Milling Machine

Product description

      Equipment Parameters 

     Product Advantages:

1.Friendly human-computer interaction interface

The milling machine comes with a touch operation panel and built-in wifi, which can realize remote control and facilitate remote after-sales training, diagnosis and maintenance. 

2.Open CAD/CAM system

The milling machine is compatible with any CAM system on the market, such as: WorkNC, Millbox, Sum3D, Hyperdent, etc.

3.Large-Angle  5-Axis 5-Linkage Cutting 

The A-axis angle of the rotation axis can achieve 360-degree rotation, and the B-axis angle can achieve +28°/-92.

4.Automatic calibration Automatic processing

The machine has an automatic calibration function, which ensures the accuracy of the equipment and avoids errors when it begins to formal cut. These can save time and materials. 

5.Various fixture modes and excellent cleaning effect 

The equipment fixture can be adjusted to the material-saving mode, and a large-size plate material (such as CERCON) can also be installed. The equipment has a good dust suction effect, and there is an air duct in the working chamber to avoid vacuuming during processing, causing dust to be unable to be completely sucked out. 

Detail images:

    Packing & Delivery 

Lead time:3-5days
Shipping time:DHL/UPS/FedEx: 3-8 days,EMS: 3~15 days 

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